Holy Martyrs Terence and Neonilla

The Commemoration of the Holy Martyrs Terence and Neonilla, with their seven children

The blessed Terence was a pious Christian joined in lawful wedlock to Neonilla, who was also a Christian. This couple had seven children: Sabelus, Photus, Theodulus, Bele, Hierax, Nitus, and Eunice, whom they reared in piety. The unbelievers laid hold
of them all, parents and children alike, and brought them before the godless authorities, to whom the saints confessed Christ openly, mocking the idols.

Because of this the martyrs were suspended, their sides were scraped without mercy, and strong vinegar was poured into their wounds, which were then set afire. But the saints comforted one another and prayed fervently, and God did not disdain their supplication. He sent to them His holy angels, who loosed their bonds and healed their wounds.

When the impious saw that the saints had suddenly been freed from their fetters and that their wounds were healed, they marveled greatly. The saints were then delivered to beasts to be consumed, but by the command of God, the fierce beasts became as gentle as lambs, and the martyrs suffered no harm. After this they were cast into a cauldron filled with seething pitch, but the pitch became as cool as water drawn from a well.
When the impious understood that no torment could touch them, they cut off the saints' heads

Commemorated on October 28

Source:  The Great Collection of The Lives of the Saints


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