Fighting the Temptations that assail us

Just as thieves do not lightly attack a place where they see royal weapons prepared against them, so he who has grafted prayer into his heart is not easily robbed by the thieves of the mind

St. Mark the Hermit

The most important work that a spiritual wrestler can do, is to enter within the heart, there to fight Satan; to hate and repel the thoughts that he inspires and to wage war upon him.

St. Makarios of Egypt

After rendering man an exile from Paradise, through his trespass, and so excommunicating him from God, the devil with his demons acquired access to the reasoning power of every man, so as to sway it mentally by day and night, in some people more, in others less, and in yet others, to a very great degree. And the only way to protect oneself against the devil is by constant remembrance of God: this remembrance must be imprinted in the heart by the power of the Cross, thus rendering the mind firm and unyielding. This is the aim at which all our efforts in the inner spiritual life are directed. Every Christian is called to follow this path, and if he travels instead in another direction, he strives in vain. Any man who has God within him also undertakes all the varied spiritual exercises with this same purpose in view: by means of voluntary self-denial he strives to call down the bounty of the all-merciful God, that God may restore to him his former status, setting the imprint of Christ in his mind; as the Apostle says: 'My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you' (Gal 4:19)

St. Simeon the New Theologian

All from The Art of Prayer


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"As the Prophets saw, as the Apostles taught, as the Church has received, as the Teachers express in dogma, as the inhabited world understands together with them, as grace illumines, as the truth makes clear, as error has been banished, as wisdom makes bold to declare, as Christ has assured, so we think, so we speak, so we preach, honoring Christ our true God, and his Saints, in words, in writings, in thoughts, in sacrifices, in churches, in icons, worshiping and revering the One as God and Lord, and honoring them because of their common Lord as those who are close to him and serve him, and making to them relative veneration. This is the faith of the Apostles; this is the faith of the Fathers; this is the faith of the Orthodox; this faith makes fast the inhabited world."
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