Where do unclean spirits come from

Where do unclean spirits come from, Most Pure Mother of God?

"From an unclean woman; from her unclean marriage with her own son. The unclean mind defiles the soul, his mother, and out of the unclean soul come forth the unclean spirits, whose main fortress is the heart.

"From their main fortress, the unclean spirits thereupon make assaults on their parents with unclean passion, and they become multiplied both in the soul and in the mind."

How numerous are the unclean spirits, Most Pure Mother of God?

"There are more, far more unclean spirits than clean ones. For they are as weak as a shadow compared to clean spirits. And they gang up in legions against one clean spirit, against a single virginal spirit.

"They multiply most copiously in what is corrupted and they assault most violently what is virgin - attacking everything that represents chastity in body or in soul, in the male or the female, in the mind or in the heart.

"However many sinful desires as there are in the heart - however many poisonous passions, feelings of fear and feel­ings of hatred toward everything heavenly as there are - there are just as many unclean spirits in the heart.

'To whatever extent self-delusion about the world is present in the mind - whether in ideas and concepts, or in im­aginations and words - unclean spirits are to the same extent present in the mind.

"Moreover all the unclean spirits from the heart sow their seed in the mind. And all the unclean spirits from the mind sow their seed in the heart. And all together, from both the one fortress and the other, they sow their unclean seed in the field of the will. And in the soul, their greatest fortress, there are as many of them as there are shadows in the world.

"And they multiply from each other haphazardly and illicitly, since they are the accursed enemies of any law and order. They view their might and potential victory from the standpoint of quantity rather than quality. They are truly as fragmented as sand, and continue to fragmentize themselves more and more.

"They are multiplied not out of mutual love but out of hellish selfishness. Nor do they sense any bliss whatsoever from their existence. All their time is taken up with fighting over prerogatives and preeminence. Alas for the man, who becomes their battlefield."

What results from unclean spirits operating in man, Most Pure Mother of God?

"Sickness is produced within the inner man and, eventually, in the outer man as well. Sin is the seed of sickness. The seed of sin grows as wildly as weeds.

"All infirmities are the heir of sin. Truly, not only blindness and deafness and dumbness, but all the others as well. And however strange it may seem to say - death is also a disease, an inheritor of the same cause, a corruption from the same worm."

O Most Pure and Light-bearing Mother of God, set us free from unclean spirits; cleanse us from every sin; heal us from every infirmity, through the mercy of Your Son and the power of Your Holy Spirit.

From the midst of corruption we fall down on our knees and cry out to You: "With Your radiance, O Mother of God, burn up all the corruption that is suffocating us.


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