Who brought sin into the world

Who brought sin into the world, O Lord, and made the whole world sick, and became nourishment for death?

The mind is the gate, through which sin entered in. Through the mind the drop of poison dripped into the heart and the soul.

Separated from virginity and light, no longer threefold but one-dimensional, the mind separated itself from the holy Triad, and stands as "the fourth" - nonexistence. It thinks what is mundane, and not what is divine.

Separated from the virginity of the soul and the light of the heart, the mind is the shadow of the Son of God and the reverse of Wisdom.3 This dark shadow spreads its darkness into the soul and the heart. And once all three have become shrouded in darkness and covered with mildew, it then educates itself into a sort of unholy triad, a shadow of the Holy Triad, just as nonexistence is a quivering shadow of existence.

What is the first sin of the mind, O Lord, by which it introduced pain and suffering into the whole human race?

The first sin of the mind is self-delusion, the second is pride. Riveted to senses intended for nonexistence, the mind accepted nonexistence as existence.

Self-delusion looks at the reflection of the moon in the lake as though it were the actual moon, and rushes to grab it in the water.

Self-delusion sees a rope and mistakes it for a snake, and flees from it.

The self-delusion of a dog sees a dog in the water, and impels the actual dog into barking at his own shadow.

Self-delusion concerning the capricious ashes of this world impels the mind to attach its essence to this world, and blindfolds it with forgetfulness of the truly existent world.

In truth, self-delusion of the mind is the first sin This first sin enters into marriage with pride and out of this marriage are born all the sins and all the evils that produce pain and suffering.

How is it that pride appears immediately after self-delusion, my Lord?

Discoverers of what is new and previously unknown are always filled with pride.

The self-deluded mind keeps discovering for itself some­thing new and previously unknown.

Alas, if the mind only knew that it is discovering its own grave!

The self-delusion of the mind is discovering the nonex­istent world as though it were the existent world. Alas, how this "discovering" is becoming such perilous covering! By revealing the nonexistent world to the mind as though it were the existent one, self-delusion is concealing the existent world and representing it to the mind as though it were nonexistent.

O my Lord, the only One who exists, save my mind from these two infernal sins.

My Truth, save me from the pernicious self-delusion of my mind.

O Master and Bestower of all that I am and I have, deliver me from pride, the destroyer of the deranged and the foolish.


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