Lazarus Saturday


Saturday. [Heb. 12:28–13:8; John 11:1–45]

"To whomever has work-loving Martha, who symbolizes comprehensive good works, and who has Mary sitting at Jesus’ feet, symbolizing an attentive and warm appeal to the Lord with all the heart, the Lord Himself will come and will resurrect Lazarus, who symbolizes his spirit, and will release him from all his emotional and fleshly bonds.

Then a truly new life will begin in him, body-less in the body and unearthly on the earth.

It will be a true resurrection in the spirit before the future resurrection, which will be together with the body!"
+By St. Theophan the Recluse

“Reveal which He crowned and which He saved; for we know that Lazarus from the hand of Hades Christ snatched away.”
+St. Romanos the Melodist

Troparion, Tone 1

Giving us before Thy Passion an assurance of the general resurrection, Thou hast raised Lazarus from the dead, O Christ our God. Therefore, like the children, we also carry tokens of victory, and cry to Thee, the Conqueror of Death: Hosanna in the highest; blessed is he that comes in the Name of the Lord.

Kontakion, Tone 6

Christ, the Joy of all, the Truth, the Light, the Life, the Resurrection of the world, in His love appeared to those on earth; and He became Himself the pattern of our resurrection, granting divine forgiveness unto all.

Fr. John Whiteford of St. Jonah Orthodox Church (ROCOR) in Spring, TX shares about the raising of Lazarus, from the Gospel of St. John, chapter 11.


"As the Prophets saw, as the Apostles taught, as the Church has received, as the Teachers express in dogma, as the inhabited world understands together with them, as grace illumines, as the truth makes clear, as error has been banished, as wisdom makes bold to declare, as Christ has assured, so we think, so we speak, so we preach, honoring Christ our true God, and his Saints, in words, in writings, in thoughts, in sacrifices, in churches, in icons, worshiping and revering the One as God and Lord, and honoring them because of their common Lord as those who are close to him and serve him, and making to them relative veneration. This is the faith of the Apostles; this is the faith of the Fathers; this is the faith of the Orthodox; this faith makes fast the inhabited world."
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